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       Welcome to Schoettle Financial, an Investment Advisor and estate planning law firm. We provide independent investment planning using a comprehensive approach to fully customize your financial and estate portfolio.  We help prioritize your goals, organize your assets, and develop an investment and estate planning strategy to meet your individual needs.

       Schoettle Financial offers over 30 years of experience in the financial and legal field.  Our niche is planning for a financially secure future for you and your family, offering continuity to carry on your legacy to your children and select charitable organizations.  Once the investment strategy is agreed upon, we set up an action plan, monitor your progress and manage your portfolio.  We will also review your estate plan and assist with any modifications necessary to meet your estate planning objectives.  Often, clients require new estate documents such as trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney for the management of property and personal affairs and health care directives.

       Backing our firm is our broker dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, which executes trades, provides regular audits, insurance and regulatory assistance.  Our custodian is Pershing, LLC, a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon and an SIPC member.  Pershing is fully insured and provides account statements, tax records and trade settlements. 

       Schedule a free introductory appointment to learn more about our services and how we can add value towards a financially secure future.  You can also learn more about our firm on this website.  You will find a variety of financial tools such as financial calculators that can help you get a clearer picture of where you stand and where you are headed.  There is a research library and there are newsletter articles on a wide range of financial topics.  Check back often, because we are constantly adding new material. 

      If you have a specific question or want more information, click on "Contact Us", drop us an e-mail message at, or call us at (858) 488-3800.  We are ready to help.